Our Mission


CORE Therapy & Diagnostics is located in Branson, Missouri just 40 minutes from the Northwest Arkansas border.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality, compassionate health care to our clients, families, and others in need, through a comprehensive array of services anchored in exceptional service and deliberate expectations for the absolute best clinical outcomes.


Services offered

Behavior Intervention Plans

Behavior Intervention Plans are developed from a Functional Behavior Assessment.  A Functional Behavior Assessment answers the question of why certain behaviors occurs.  Once the why is known, appropriate replacement skills are identified and reinforced in a Behavior Intervention Plan. Behavior Intervention Plans increase the acquisition and use of new alternative skills, decrease the problem behavior and facilitate general improvements in the quality of life of the individual, his or her family, and members of the support team.


Discrete Trial Teaching

Discrete Trial Teaching is an intervention method which teaches skills through a structured ladder of small, easily taught components. Through repetition of the DTT process, children can obtain mastery over necessary abilities.  The basics of DTT are stated in five principles. First, skills are broken down into small bites. Instructions are given in the most concise manner possible. Second, the educator teaches each “bite” until the student masters it before moving on to another skill. Third, each session is intensive. Fourth, teachers begin with prompts as needed and then decrease them. Fifth, learning must be reinforced by incentives. The offering of these incentives and the point at which they are offered must be consistent. 


Natural Environment Teaching

Natural Environment Teaching is training of instructions that are both driven by the individual’s motivation and carried out in the environments that closely resemble natural environments, while being highly structured with regard to the individual’s access to reinforcement.  Natural environment teaching leads to an individual being able to learn skills in one environment and generalize them to other environments. NET leads to skills acquisition gained in 1:1 therapy being utilized outside of therapy. The curriculum focuses on an individual’s specific needs and embeds them within his/her interests.


Social Skills Training

CORE Therapy & Diagnostics, LLC provides social skills training to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. The focus of the program is to increase the child’s overall ability to:

  • Recognize and interpret verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Develop appropriate peer relationships

  • Assist individuals with improvement in social interactions by expanding their interest in age appropriate topics, toys and play skills

  • Increase their ability to recognize others’ emotions

  • The goal is to minimize the stress and anxiety when participating in social interaction.

  • The program strives to provide the tools necessary for successful interpretation of social and communication skills.


Functional Communication Training

FCT is used to teach and establish replacement behaviors for inappropriate or harmful behaviors such as aggression, escape/elopement, non-compliance, etc. When a child is regularly engaging in disruptive, challenging behaviors the child is having difficulty communicating or meeting their wants and needs. Even for a verbal child, but particularly for a non-verbal child, behavior is a way of communicating. It is our role to develop a comprehensive ABA program to replace challenging behaviors with more effective and efficient positive/functional behaviors in order to get their needs and wants meet in a more socially acceptable manner.


Expanding Food Repertoire/Feeding Therapy

It is estimated that up to 90 percent of children with autism have feeding problems.  Following consultation with your child’s medical team to address medical conditions, ABA strategies can be utilized to build your child’s toleration to trying new foods and replacing behaviors observed during mealtimes with appropriate means of communication.


Professional Development Training (Parent/Tutor/Teacher)

CORE Therapy & Diagnostics, LLC offers a wide range of professional development trainings for parents, families and school districts in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis. Workshops and training can be tailored to meet your individualized needs for professional development. Please contact us for more information.


School Consulting

CORE Therapy & Diagnostics, LLC offers consultation for individuals in their public and private school settings and contract with schools who are seeking ABA services or consultation. CORE Therapy & Diagnostics, LLC can provide services, which address needs such as assessments, behavioral assessments, teacher and staff training, modification of curriculum, social skills facilitation, program development, and ongoing supervision.


Diagnostics, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and more!  We pledge to expand our CORE services to meet the needs of our community.